Wildlife And Traffic In The Carpathians

Guidelines How To Minimize The Impact Of Transport Infrastructure Development On Nature In The Carpathian Countries

Part Of Output 3.2 Planning Toolkit

These guidelines are one of the main outputs of the TRANSGREEN project. They are generally aimed at minimizing negative impacts of transport infrastructure development on wildlife in the Carpathian mountain range system and are recommended to be used in combination with other TRANSGREEN outputs, such as this website. The Guidelines can be used at all levels of sustainable linear transport infrastructure development – from the initial planning and design through the construction to the operation and maintenance.

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Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Users’ Guide

Chapter 3 Basic Terms

Chapter 4 Effects of Transport Infrastructure on Nature

Chapter 5 Particularities of the Carpathians

Chapter 6 Biota and Ecological Connectivity, Demands of Different Fauna Groups on Infrastructure Permeability

Chapter 7 Legislative Aspects

Chapter 8 Basic Steps and Processes for Ensuring Ecological Connectivity within Transport Infrastructure Development

Chapter 9 Integration of Linear Transport Infrastructure into the Surrounding Landscape

Chapter 10 Fauna Passages and Other Technical Solutions

Chapter 11 Ecological Compensation

Chapter 12 Monitoring the Impact of Transport on Nature